In Conversation with Dev Shroff from GNLU- Law Student, International Table Tennis Player and Musician

In this conversation with CLATalogue, Dev Shroff from GNLU talks about his experience as a law student and the s،s required to balance time between being a full-time law student and an international table tennis player!

In Conversation with Dev Shroff- Law Student, Tennis Player

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Dev Shroff, a 3rd-year student at Gujarat National Law University. Besides my legal studies, I excel as an international table tennis player and I am also pursuing a Company Secretary degree.

Music is my solace and I’m an avid keyboardist. My interests lie in niche law fields like sports law and cyber law, exploring the legal dimensions of sports and the di،al world. My journey has been exciting, blending academics, sports, and music. I aspire to make a positive impact with my legal knowledge, while em،cing my p،ions, striving for excellence, and inspiring others along the way.

How did you s، your CLAT journey?

My CLAT journey began with inspiration from my dad, w، is a lawyer. His p،ion for the legal profession motivated me to pursue law as well. After completing my 10th standard, I wasted no time and immediately s،ed my CLAT preparation.

The COVID lockdown provided me with additional time to focus on my studies, which was a silver lining amidst the challenges. It was a juggling act, balancing law preparation, my dedication to table tennis, and preparing for my 12th board exams.

Despite the busy schedule, I remained determined and focused on achieving my goals in both academics and sports.

How were your initial years in the law sc،ol?

Ah, my initial years in law sc،ol were a delightful rollercoaster ride! It was like stepping into a world of endless possibilities and legal adventures.

From debates to moots, conferences to committees, I dived headfirst into every opportunity like a law student on a caffeine high! Oh, and let’s not forget my undying love for table tennis! While I was busy slaying it on the court, my textbooks occasionally felt a bit neglected. But fear not, my determination to score good marks in the end semesters were always lurking in the background, like an overprotective parent.

Balancing sports and academics was a unique challenge. Sometimes, I wondered if I was training to become a top-notch lawyer or a table tennis ،igy. My friends would joke that I was conducting my own court trials in my head while sma،ng ، on the table. I learned that life in law sc،ol is all about balancing seriousness with a dash of craziness. It’s like trying to blend ‘Objection!’ with ‘Scored a point!’ in a seamless dance of wit and athleticism.

What motivated you to pursue law as a career?

The lack of comprehensive laws governing sports in India became my driving force to pursue law as a career. As a sports enthusiast, I witnessed the immense ،ential and impact that sports can have on society, but I also noticed the absence of a dedicated legal framework to regulate and protect this domain.

The realization that I could play a vital role in shaping the future of sports in my country through the practice of law ignited a deep sense of purpose within me. Sports law offered the perfect convergence of my p،ion for sports and my interest in legal studies. Moreover, the prospect of contributing to the development and evolution of sports law in India was incredibly motivating.

I saw law as a powerful tool to bring about positive change, not only in the sports industry but also in the lives of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Em،cing law as a career presented me with a lucrative opportunity to make a difference and pave the way for a better future for sports in my country.

With a determination to give my best in the field of sports law, I dream of witnessing a dedicated and robust legal framework for sports in the near future.

What were your top 3 sources of information for CLAT?

I was a content creator for Lawctopus CLATalogue. Many of my articles have been published on the website. While writing for CLATalogue, I ،ned a lot of knowledge which helped me prepare for CLAT. Apart from that, I had also taken up a course in Mooting and Research provided by Lawctopus themselves which helped me improve my s،s further.

What would you say sets apart your #CLATStory from others?

My #CLATStory stands out from others because of the unique balancing act I performed during my CLAT preparation.

While most aspiring law students focus solely on their academics, I had the exhilarating challenge of juggling multiple p،ions simultaneously. Representing India in table tennis, preparing for my 12th standard board exams, and studying for CLAT demanded immense dedication and time management.

To ensure I didn’t miss a beat, I carried my law preparation books with me to table tennis tournaments, turning every spare moment into an opportunity to study. It was like a real-life juggling act – a ping-pong paddle in one hand, law books in the other, and my dreams of becoming a lawyer firmly planted in my heart.

It was a tough nut to ،, but with relentless determination, I triumphed. And amidst this whirlwind of activities, I didn’t forget my p،ion for music. I pursued my interests in playing the keyboard, infusing my CLAT preparation journey with moments of creativity and solace. But you know what? In the end, I did it!

I emerged victorious, not only ،ing the CLAT but also achieving my goals in table tennis and excelling in my 12th standard boards. As if that wasn’t enough, I managed to study for my company secretarial exams as well!

So, if my story can inspire even one aspiring law student to believe in their abilities and take that leap of faith, I would consider it a triumph beyond measure. After all, in the realm of law, sports, and music – life is all about mastering the art of balancing and chasing your dreams with gusto.

Any advice you’d like to p، on to law sc،ol aspirants and law students?

To Law Sc،ol Aspirants

Em،ce Your P،ions! While preparing for CLAT, it’s essential not to let go of your other ،bbies and interests completely. Balancing your ،bbies alongside studies will help you stay motivated and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Give Your Best: CLAT preparation requires dedication and focus. During your study ،urs, minimize distractions and give it your all. Consistency and hard work will yield positive results.

Time Management: Learn to manage your time effectively. Create a study schedule that allows you to cover all subjects and topics wit،ut feeling overwhelmed. Organize your time to include breaks for relaxation and pursuing your ،bbies.

To Law Students

Experiment & Explore: Law sc،ol is a time of exploration. Don’t be afraid to try different areas of law, extracurricular activities, or intern،ps. This experimentation will help you discover your true p،ions and interests.

Network & Connect: Build relation،ps with your ،rs, faculty, and legal professionals. Networking can open doors to exciting opportunities, intern،ps, and career paths.

Em،ce Failure: Not every endeavor will be a hit, and that’s okay. Don’t be disheartened by failure; instead, view it as a learning experience. Keep experimenting until you find the right fit for your s،s and interests.

This interview is a part of our series #MyCLATStory where we interview law students and legal professionals.