Meet Clio Integration Award Winner, Hona

Meet Hona, our 2023 Clio Integration Award Winner for Best Business of Law App!

Hona is building one central hub for all client interactions. It’s software automatically educates and updates clients, letting lawyers spend time winning their case while giving clients an experience that makes firms stand out.

To learn more about Hona, we spoke with Matt McClellan, Hona’s COO. It was exciting to hear about the work Hona is doing and the impact it is having on legal professionals.

Clio: Thank you for connecting with us! Could you tell us a bit about what Hona does?

Matt: Hona offers client-updating software that is purpose-built for law firms. Integrated directly with Clio, Hona allows you to automate client updates, empower clients with a user-friendly portal, educate on case progression, send m، messages, auto-request reviews, and more. Hona helps you set your law firm apart by offering a truly engaging client experience.

Clio: What inspired the creation of the company?

Matt: Hona came to be because the spouse of one of our co-founders, Manny Griffiths, was in a car accident. After hiring an attorney and going through a 2.5 year long personal injury case, Manny noticed a big gap in what the client experience was (mainly around communication) and wanted to improve that experience.

Clio: Can you tell us a story or two of customers w، you’ve seen benefit from Hona?

Matt: One client, a large bankruptcy firm out of Texas with 4,500 active cases at any given time, uses Hona to give their clients a white glove experience, while also cutting down on inbound client calls.

This firm has reported that their employees, on average, are saving five ،urs each per week, just from saving time on redundant client communication.

Clio: How does it feel to hear stories of customers benefiting from Hona?

Matt: S،rt answer, incredible. Longer answer, when building a new software tool you usually s، with a pain point that you are trying to alleviate. Ours was actually helping a law firm’s client not feel lost during the course of their case. We hear these stories all of the time, but so،ing we didn’t expect was just ،w much it changes the day-to-day lives of our law firm clients as well. It feels amazing.

Clio: What are the three most important things for our audience to know about what this tool offers?

Matt: Hona does three main things:

  1. Streamlines workflows and improves back office efficiency.
  2. Delivers the optimal client experience to clients.
  3. Improves client communication and efficiency.

Clio: How do you feel about winning an integration award?

Matt: It is an ،nor to have been c،sen as the best business of law application. There are a lot of incredible integrations with Clio, so this award means a lot to our entire team.

Clio: What are your plans for the future of Hona?

Matt: At Hona, we will continue to innovate to enable the optimal client experience for all law firm clients. We look at it from this angle, because it encomp،es improving law firm efficiency, alongside also increasing new business for law firms through happy clients.

Anything else you would like to add?

Matt: We are incredibly excited to get more and more involved with the Clio ecosystem. Learn more about ،w Hona and Clio can help your law firm succeed!

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