Michael Byrnes is quot­ed in the arti­cle – Inevitable: Employ­ment lawyers warn indige­nous Voice ​flash­point for work­er dis­putes – pub­lished in the Aus­tralian on 9 August 2023 – Employee Rights/ Labour Relations

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Michael Byrnes is quoted in the article, “
‘Inevitable’: Employment lawyers warn Indigenous voice
‘flashpoint’ for worker disputes”, published in The
Australian on 9 August 2023,

Companies such as Qantas, Clayton Utz, Transurban, BHP, Rio
Tinto, NAB, Woolworths, and Lendlease have publicly endorsed the
voice and will advocate for the Yes campaign in the lead-up to the
referendum at the tail end of this year. Michael Byrnes told The
Australian employees with an opinion that differed from the public
stance of their company will be a “flashpoint” for
employment law as the vote nears. “If we live in a society
where employees have to mirror the views of their employer then
this becomes a corporate dystopia,” he said. “Say I was a
Qantas employee, and I posted on my social media account so،ing
anti-voice, and the social media account identified me as a Qantas
employee. That could be cause for disciplinary action.”

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